Respect Responsibility

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Devastation breeds decay.  In our world today, nobody wants to be responsibile for their actions, their decisions, their self convictions. They also wish not to be held responsible  for their lack of it. “Pass the buck”, “sluff it off onto somone else”, “It’s not my responsibility”. All the passive/pervasiveness that results in disallusionment of self worth, character, the real me, the real you. There is only one person you and I are accountable to for responsibility, and that is ourselves. We may try and pass it on to others, but in the final resolution, it is the individual responsibility of each and everyone of us to hold ourselves accountable.

I am reminded of the prospect of finding happiness. Is it in our things, others we know and love” No sir, it is within ourselves. It takes most of us a lifetime to figure out that the happiness we are so earnestly seeking lies within us. For those who discover this golden fleece of knowlede early in life, I say you are blessed for most do not. It all goes hand and hand together the finding of happiness, the securing of our positions in life.

We cannot have the fundemental building blocks of ourselves until we align them in proper perspective, lean to use them with absolute respect of ourselves first. When we learn to strengthen our responsibility through the respect it deserves as does all the other attributes that make us individuals, then the world will be more accountable.

Let us go forth this day and know when we make a decision, a conviction, to alwarys be responsibile in all we say, do, and think.


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