World’s Most Bizarre and Most Cruel Forms of Entertainment

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Nowadays, most people watch TV programs, play video games, see a movie, and watch ballgames and many

others for entertainment. But in some places, there are still group of people who conduct unusual forms of entert-

ainment – very brutal form of entertainment called blood sport. These entertainments involve animals and sometimes

with human (which is also an animal) participation.  Is cruelty an inseparable human nature?

One of the most unusual entertainments ever created by human beings is the gladiator fight. Gladiators fought against

each other to death for the entertainment of crowd. Sometimes wild animals were also utilized in the fighting.


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These form of entertainment in Rome lasted for hundred of years. We are lucky, they don’t exist anymore.


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Here are some forms of entertainment that involves animals.

Ostrich Racing


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If there is horse racing there is also a so-called ostrich racing. Ostriches are large enough for a small person to ride

them, typically while holding on to the wings for grip. It is popular in some areas of northern Africa and the Arabian

Peninsula where ostriches are trained as racing mounts.


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Another form of racing utilizing ostriches is a racing similar to chariot racing.

Betta Fighting


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Even fishes are not spared by people who are always looking for unusual form of entertainment. Betta fighting is a

popular blood sport among people who have aquariums. Two Siamese fighting fish also known as betta fish are put

together in a tank or fish bowl and let them fight to death. They usually do these for gambling purposes.

Spider Fighting


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Spiders are beneficial to human but look at how they are treated by some people. Spider fighting is a popular blood

sport among rural Filipino children and adults as well. The game begins by placing two spiders at opposite ends of

a stick. The spiders are then led to one another until they wrestle. The first one to drop off the stick loses. Top fighters

can fetch up to 100 pesos (US$ 5), making the sport lucrative for children, but it could reach as high as $1,000 or

more for adults. Laws have been proposed to put an end to this blood sport.

Cricket Fighting


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Another form of blood sport is the cricket fighting which is very popular in China and in some other places in the world.

As usual, they do this for gambling.

The first four you have seen are considered mild compared to the succeeding forms of entertainment. These

are the brutal ones.

Horse Fighting


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This bloody sport is considered illegal worldwide but horse fighting is still prevalent in some parts of the world like the

Philippines, China, Korea, Afghanistan and others.


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Cultural tradition is one of the main reasons why this blood sport is still around like the rest of blood sport that are in


Camel Fighting


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In countries where there are camel like the Middle East, central Asia and Africa, camel fighting is still common.


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Dog Fighting


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Dog eating and dog fighting are considered universal taboo but it’s not yet totally stopped. People who are responsible

in this kind of barbaric form of entertainment conduct them underground.


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This blood sport should be stop at once. Dog fighting is a fight between game dogs. This blood sport is utilized for

entertainment and may also create a revenue stream from stud fees, admission fees, and gambling.

Cow Fighting


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The source of milk that we drink and of the beef that we eat is also being utilized for entertainment and gambling. Cow

fighting is still common in Switzerland and in other parts of the world.

Cock Fighting


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Cockfighting is one of the oldest traditional forms of entertainment in the world. Although it had been outlawed in many

countries of the world, I wonder if something can be done to totally stop it.

Goat Fighting


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This blood sport is not as popular as the other but it is still an act of cruelty to animals just like the other blood sports.

Bull Fighting



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Bullfighting is one of the oldest sport spectacles in the world and one of the bloodiest as well. It originated in Spain

and spread on its former colonies in Latin America. On the picture above, the matador is about to the “Moment of Truth”

also known as the final blow.



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I know animal activists from all over the world are working hard to stop these cruel human acts. So, let us all join hand and

hand with hope and pray that in the future, these blood sports will totally be eradicated.

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