Bach Remedy – A New System of Healing Evolves

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A New System of Healing Evolves

From 1930 until his death in 1936, Bach travelled the British countryside. Seeking a new way of preparing his herbs, he observed that ingesting dew had a powerful and positive balancing effect on the system and concluded that the heat of the sun was drawing the healing force of the flower into the droplets of water. Excited at this discovery, but knowing that for many patients collecting dew was not practical or efficient, he duplicated this natural process with his sun potentizing procedure.

Bach’s body and mind were becoming very sensitive, and he found that he was able to time into the vibrations of a particular flower and feel its therapeutic effects. At times, he felt the mental state first and then went into the countryside to find the cure. Eventually, he was able to find an appropriate essence for each of the twelve personality types he had observed, and further essences for other related emotional problems.

Complete of the New System
When he was not travelling, Dr Bach spent his time in Cromet on the Norfolk Coast, where he observed the fishermen and holiday makers to refine his understanding of mental and emotional conditions. Finally in 1934, with the assistance of a friend, Mary Tabor, he settled in Sotwell, Oxfordshire, where the Bach Centre is still located. During his last years, Bach completed the set of 38 essences and started to give lectures of his system of healing. When he died in 1936 he left his Healing herbs, as he called them, in the hands of his trusted co-workers, Nora Weeks, Victor Bullen and Mary Tabor who carried on his work until the late 1970s.

The Philosophy Behind Dr Bach’s Flower Healing System

As his research developed, Dr Bach concluded that individual become ill and unhappy when they stray off their true path in life. He concluded that everyone is born with a unique blueprint for life, whether it is expressed at home, work or play. He believed strongly that all stations or vocations in life were as important as each other and that whether you were a shop assistant, musician, prince, doctor or artist, it was in following the right path that a person would find true fulfillment. Some fortunate people know what is right for them from an early age, Bach believed, and they are able to follow their hearts faithfully throughout life. However, most get drawn away from their true destiny, as a result of conditioning and the demands of family and society, or by the good intentions of others who may impose their own ideas of what is best for them.

The Primary Defects of Humanity
In response to such outside interference, and depending on the particular disposition of the individual, negativity may creep into the mind, which can then lead to the manifestations of pride, cruelty, self love, ignorance, instability, greed or hate. These are the real underlying causes of disease and unhappiness and Bach called them the primary defects. He felt they should be viewed as a message that an individual has strayed away from their blueprint in some way and therefore has something to learn. The true underlying purpose of life is to grow towards perfection, by learning the lessons of life, concentrating on one or two at a time. Dar Bach suggests finding the fault and eliminating it, not by suppression, but by developing the opposing virtue.

Happiness is the Key
As these faults are cleansed, a renewed connection to the inner self, or soul, beings to form and, by listening to its awakening voice, it becomes possible to find the true path again. This voice speaks in the way you find it easiest to hear. The voice guides you via desires, intuitions, ideals, likes and dislikes and can lead you through all of life’s challenges as long as it is listened to.

Dr Bach emphasized the importance of following a path of love, listening to your inherent goodness, doing no harm to others and allowing everyone perfect freedom to follow their path of love, listening to your inherent goodness, doing no harm to others and allowing everyone perfect

freedom to follow their path, as they must allow you the perfect freedom to follow yours. If you feel disapproval from others you should trust your intuition to make your own way. The greatest challenge lies in winning freedom from your closest family members, but, at no point should they be seen as enemies, rather as worthy companions in the game of life, who are offering you the opportunity to become strong. Do not be afraid, plunge into experiences, embrace a wholly individual approach to life, and remember there is no right or wrong, it is all relative to circumstances. Bach found happiness to be the key, and the gauge by which to measure how closely your life resonates with your soul’s blueprint.


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