How to Clean a K&N Air Filter for an ATV

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There are many air filters available for your ATV, but K&N makes some of the best and is the brand I use.  Therefore I will discussing how to clean K&N air filters in this article.  In order to properly clean a K&N air filter you will need a K&N air filter cleaning kit and a hose.  Start off by removing the K&N air filter from your ATV.   Using the K&N air filter cleaner, start spraying the air filter starting with the inside first. Once you have sprayed the entire inside with a generous amount spray the outside. Let the cleaner soak into the air filter for 30 minutes to an hour.  Once the air filter cleaner has soaked in use the hose to wash the air filter off. When washing the filter only spray water on the inside of the filter. The microns in the filter will be ruined if you wash it from the outside in. When the air filter is clean allow it to dry out completely.  When the air filter is dry spray on a small coating of K&N air filter oil. Do not spray too much otherwise dirt will attach to the filter easier and it will clog up faster than you want. You will be able to notice a color change in the air filter as you spray on the oil.  Your K&N air filter is now clean and ready to be put back in your ATV. 


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