Motivate Yourself to Work Out: 10 Easy Tips

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Step One
Pick an activity that you enjoy doing. If you enjoy your workout, you will want to make time for it in your life. You can choose from a huge array of activities such as swimming, dancing, walking, jogging, running, climbing stairs, walking, or using a treadmill or elliptical in the gym.

Step Two
Get yourself a work out buddy. Knowing that if you do not know up, your buddy will have to do their exercise alone will motivate you to show up for your work out. Additionally, having company will make the work out more enjoyable for you. You will be able to have quality bonding time with your buddy as well as get your recommended work out done.

Step Three
Buy a portable music player and carry fast music in it. If you enjoy the music you are listening to, the time that you exercise will go by quickly and you will not hate it as much.

Step Four
Visualize yourself healthy and thinner (if you need to lose weight). Then visualize yourself as you are now. Then as you work out, imagine your current self slowly transforming into who you want to be. I do this every time I work out, and it keeps me motivated to continue to work out.

Step Five
Train for a sport. For example, pick a marathon or a triathlon 3-4 months in the future and train for it. Because you have a concrete goal, it will be easy to stay motivated.

Step Six
If you are of competitive nature, bet with a friend that you will work out more than her. Keep score, and find yourself excelling in your work outs.

Step Seven
Get a personal trainer. Not only will they teach you to work out better, but knowing that the money you have paid them will be wasted if you do not show up to your work out session will motivate you to go.

Step Eight
Incorporate exercise in your social life. Instead of meeting up for dinner with friends, ask them if they would like to go for a run instead. If a run is too intense, how about playing frisbee? Surely there must be some physical activity that you can enjoy with your friends.

Step Nine
Incorporate exercise in your daily life. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park further away and walk to your destination. Sit on an exercise ball instead of the couch while watching TV. There are many ways you can get in 30 minutes of work out a day.

Step Ten
Keep an exercise journal. If you keep track of how much exercise you have done in a week, and how much is still remaining to be done, you will find yourself motivated to go work out every time you look at the journal.


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