Ice Cream Sundae: Tips for Making the Perfect One

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In reality, the perfect ice cream sundae varies based on your own personal tastes, your environment, and your current situation. It may also be different depending on your perception of perfection. Therefore, there is no one perfect ice cream sundae, but there are, however, perfect ice cream sundaes (notice I use the plural form of the word) which vary from person to person. The aim of this article is to give you tips for discovering and making your perfect ice cream sundae which will satisfy you. That’s right. I’m talking about you.

1. The ice cream

Decide on the ice cream that you think would be perfect for you and your situation. What are your favourite flavours of ice cream? Pick out the flavours that you enjoy and prepare them. When preparing the different types of ice cream that you are going to use, it is important to consider whether those flavours will go well together or not. They may taste fantastic individually, but sometimes some flavours may dampen the taste of the other flavours and the taste of the toppings and sauces as well.

An example of this is where vanilla ice cream will bring out the flavour of hot chocolate fudge sauce more than chocolate ice cream will. It’s just like how black on white creates a strong and pleasant contrast, whereas black on black is a bit dull don’t you think? Consider also your present situation and status of health, whether you are on a diet or if you are allergic to nuts or such. Look for ice cream that is low in fat or sugar, or doesn’t contain nuts, according to what you need. Some people do consider their perfect ice cream sundae to be one where they don’t need to worry about shedding the pounds later on.

Keep the ice cream in the freezer until you need it and have prepared everything else so that it doesn’t melt so soon. It may also be a good idea to keep your glass or bowl cold so that the melting process doesn’t happen too soon when you start scooping your ice cream in.

2. The scoops

Most people like ice cream sundaes made with three scoops of ice cream. Three scoops has also been the norm for more famous versions of ice cream sundaes such as the banana split. But the number of scoops that you consider perfect should be what you are looking for. It also depends on how much your glass or bowl will hold too, so if you start stacking scoops of ice cream up to the roof, don’t be surprised if it all falls down.

You can scoop ice cream into your glass in layers too. Though some people just prefer plain ice cream scoops finished with toppings on top, the perfect ice cream sundae for you might be one with intricate layers of delicious chocolate, cookies or wafers in between to add variety to the flavour. Add layers of delight as you please.

3. The bowl or glass

For some people, the perfect ice cream sundae is one that is held in a transparent crystal glass where they can see the lovely layers in between. But using a glass brings in the disadvantage of being a bit more fragile, and it is sometimes more difficult to scoop up large, gigantic spoonfuls. The clinking of the spoon on the glass when you try to scrape off the sides of the glass may prove an unnecessary annoyance for some as well. But there is no doubt that using a glass is much more elegant and the space limitations prevent you from eating too much.

If you decide to use the bowl, you will find that it is much easier to handle and much more spacious as well. A bowl can hold way more scoops of ice cream, along with other fruits like bananas, and you can decorate it excessively with lots of sauces and syrup as well. If you may prefer, your perfect ice cream sundae may be held in other containers too, such as disposable plastic cups.

4. The syrups and sauces

The syrups and sauces you choose to use is again based on your own tastes and preferences. For many people, it is a must for the perfect ice cream sundae to have rich and flowing amounts of chocolate syrup and hot fudge, while others prefer the more dainty taste of strawberry syrup. Depending on the type of ice cream flavours you choose to combine it with, the syrups and sauces that complement them well may vary.

5. The toppings

The types of toppings you can put on your ice cream sundae are as vast as the ocean. Experiment with different toppings and discover your perfect ice cream sundae. Some people may consider an ice cream sundae with loads of topping to be the perfect ice cream sundae for them. Others may enjoy a more simple ice cream sundae with just a few toppings. Ideas that you may want to consider are using nuts, sprinkles, candy pieces, or maybe even some coconut. It is considered almost vital to have some whipped cream or Cool Whip on top as well.

6. The finale

After finishing everything else, the classic finale is to end with a maraschino cherry or two on the top. A maraschino cherry as the finale may or may not make the perfect ice cream sundae for you. You may find it to be too boring to be the perfect ice cream sundae.

7. The eating environment

When and where you eat your ice cream sundae is often a deciding factor on whether it has attained perfection or not. If you eat your ice cream sundae on a cold winter’s day while shivering from the freezing environment, it will probably provide an experience that is far from perfect. The perfect ice cream sundae should be eaten on a hot summer’s day, when you are desperate to quench your insatiable thirst. It is only then that you will appreciate your ice cream sundae as being perfect…


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