Hog Stew In a Crock Pot

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Step 1

First, cut up all your vegetables and put your dry season on them to your liking as you go. Then put all your cut veggies in a big freezer zip locked baggy. Then, season your rump roast with season salt, fajita seasoning and soak the meat in Worcestershire Sauce Now, back to your veggies.

Step 2

Soak all the veggies in Italian Dressing. Then, zip it all up and put in the refrigerator to marinade all night with the roast. Do not worry, it will not make your veggies soggy.


You want to let your roast cook for about 8 – 10 hours on the low setting of your crock-pot. When the 4th hours hits, take your roast out and cut it up into small pieces and then, put it back in the stew for further cooking. After the time is up, keep tasting the stew till your liken, and enjoy!


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