Indecency is Fashionable

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I sit before my dresser, staring at my reflection bitterly. Ten minutes ago, I flipped through a teen magazine as many girls my age do on a Sunday morning. I took a quiz to discover my personality type, read an article about room decorating, and studied the season’s newest shampoos. Everything was fine until I turned to the summer fashions: THE MODELS WERE PRACTICALLY NAKED.

Their breasts hung out from their immodestly unbuttoned blouses that rose several inches above their navels. Their thighs were covered with the narrowest strip of cloth possible in order to prevent them from being completely. I suppose those strips were mini skirts. No tights or leggings covered their legs—they were completely bare from the end of their 1’’ inseam skirts to their feet, which wore slender thong sandals. Couldn’t they at least cover their toes?

I wasn’t sure when magazines meant for high school girls became almost risqué as Playboy, but it was disturbing. I’m not just being a prude, either. My wardrobe’s hardly matronly; I have good taste in clothes and dress appropriately for my age so I never appear frumpy or much older than I actually am. But as stylish as I am, I would never parade around in any of the outfits I saw in that glossy (or so many of the other glossies out there).

Simply put, indecency has become fashionable. If your clothes aren’t tight or skimpy, you’re destined to commit an automatic faux pas.  Even during the winter, you’re expected to show a little skin, cleavage or midriff. While that’s fine and dandy for the beach, teen fashion magazines try to convince us that low-cut this and that is fit for school, work, and other places where, traditionally, women buttoned up and dressed respectably.

Well, those glossies haven’t convinced me so I’ll zip my cardigan up a little higher, thank you.


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