Dressing By Day

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“The brown linen dress with the amber jewelry and the Trojan sandals. That is what I will wear today,” I say defiantly, even though I am the one standing in my bedroom. But I proudly declare it nonetheless, so at least my wardrobe will hear it.

Dressing has always been something of a coming of age ritual to me. Every morning, I sift through my closet with the fervent optimism that blesses youth, seeking the perfect combination for the ceremonious procession that is my day. Whether that day is a wedding or a funeral, literally or figuratively, I must dress the part.

First I begin by waking up to the mood of the day. I crawl out of my bed, walk up to my window, and pull aside the curtains. If the sky is somber, then I will strive to recreate the same feeling of mourning in my outfit, but if the sky is cheerful, then I will shine alongside the sun in vibrant colors. That is why my closet’s spectrum ranges from the deepest black to the purest white and every hue and shade in between.

After I have selected the color scheme, I will proceed to thinking about my activities for the day—whether I have to work at the office, attend a party, or go on a date. Work calls for a more subdued outfit, whereas a party calls for something festive, and a date demands something elegant. I decide and then reach into my closet.

Next come the accessories. Should I wear bold earrings or a silk scarf? An antique brooch or a delicate gold chain around my neck? It all depends on what best matches my outfit. I avoid layering on too many accessories because I want to keep my style simple and streamline. One stunning piece of jewelry is all I need, or three subtle ones instead.

Lastly come the shoes. I always opt for comfort over fashion, but never allow that to hinder my taste. But if it comes to choosing between the stilettos and the bejeweled flats, I will most definitely take the latter. No need for my feet to suffer when I have cute alternatives to get me through the day.

Once I have put together my ensemble, I lay it out on my bed and give it one final inspection. If everything is in tune, then I’ll put it on and head out the door to begin my adventure. If not, I’ll make an adjustment or two until it works.

In the end it always does and I emerge from my bedroom without the fear of being another day older.


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