Ways to Puppy Proof Your House.

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One of the easiest ways to keep a puppy safe it to limit the area the dog will be allowed to enter.  Think about using a baby gate to close off any area that does not have a door, and that contains something that will harm your pet.

Check all floor surfaces and easy to reach areas for objects a dog would chew. Pens, crayons, small buttons on toss pillows, children’s toys. It won’t take you long to decide what needs to be removed.

A pet crate for your new puppy will be needed for training, and the investment will help keep Fido safe when you are not available. Pet crates that resemble furniture are easy to find through pet stores if you need something that fits with your decor.  Some feel putting their dog in a pet crate is cruel. However, safety first. And, a comfortable crate is better than you worrying the pup is in harm’s way when you are not looking.

Close the door! Don’t leave areas open for a puppy or dog to explore. They will get into anything that you don’t want them to. Waste baskets, brief cases, pockets, suit cases, and cabinets are easy for puppies and dogs to get into. They all seem to be little Houdinis.

A curious pooch may chew on lamp cords that are easy to reach. Tape these out of site so your pet will not be tempted.Don’t forget to check cords for your electronic equipment also.

Area alarms that cost under $10 are easy to mount to places you may not be able to close off, or where you need extra help. They work like a motion detector, and will beep when your puppy goes near it.

Check lower shelves of any bookcases or entertainment centers. Are there small items a puppy can carry off? Are there doors that are easy to open?

Will you be taking your puppy outside? If so, check the areas you will frequent. Pebbles, acorns, and dead birds are all great treasures to a dog. And they are also dangerous.

Once you think you have checked everything, check again. Be thorough.


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