Taken Movie Review Starring Liam Neeson

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If you are into action this is the must see action movie!

Liam Neeson, looking young!, plays Bryan. A Dad forced to do what he’s gotta do to save his 17 year old daughter. While his daughter is in France, and they are on the phone together, she relizes someone has broken into their hotel room and is taking her friend Amanda. Her dad lets her know she has to get taken but let him know as many details as he can.

Bryan, an ex CIA agent, puts his skills to the test to find his daughter. After making a phone he soon discovers that his daughter has been taken by known human traffickers and that, on average compared to what these men have done before, has 92 hours from when she was taken to get her back.

Using his sleek CIA moves he shows us what he is really about and that is he doesn’t have time to be wasting. His no nonsense attitude and the love and determination for his daughter keep you with him the entire movie!

An action packed movie that will have you on the edge of your seat. There is never a dull moment. This movie kept me intrigued till the end, and left me hoping for a sequel somehow. I can hope can’t I . From what I hear I am not the only one that is already waiting in line at the boxoffice for part 2.


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