How to get free clothes hangers

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First and foremost, when you’re doing your shopping at Target or Walmart, you can ask sales associates if they have any of the plastic clothes hangers they sell their clothes on. Baby hangers can be a bit trickier as some stores reuse them or refer you onto buy the hangers. However if you go to each sales associate, they will have a seperate area they place hangers so feel free to inquire-Walmart actually puts a shopping cart at the front with hangers that you can pick through.

If you strike out or just don’t want to go that route, the next best thing is to go to your Freecycles group. This helps you get your clothes hangers as well as helps the environment because that’s one less thing that will go into our dump.

Lastly you can ask friends, neighbors, or Yahoo groups you have subscribed to. I’ve had great success with asking other Moms since their kids get older and the smaller hangers I need don’t fit their childrens’ clothes anymore. Maybe they have wire hangers from dry cleaners they’re looking to unload or they might be the plastic hangers from department stores, but a hanger is a hanger… and free is free.


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