Mga Kwento

I am writing this article because I am looking for Filipino Short stories with moral lesson or Mga Kwento. There are several websites in the internet that offers list of Filipino Folklore stories.

There are hundreds of mga kwento in the internet today but one of my favorite is

Adventures of Juan –  Juan or famously known as Juan Tamad.

Juan was always getting into trouble. He was a lazy boy, and more than that, he did not have good sense. When he tried to do things, he made such dreadful mistakes that he might better not have tried.

Ang Kuneho at ang Pagong – the story about the Rabbit and the turtle this story is very popular since ive heard this when I was in kindergarten and elementary. Until today the stories still exist. The stories bring a moral lesson for children.

Tatlong maliit na baboy or the 3 little pigs. Very funny stories with moral lesson

Here is the list of famous short stories that are being researched in the internet today

Mga kwento ni Lola Basyang

 Famous stories of lola basyang

  1. Mahiwagang Kuba

  2. Ang prinsipeng Unggoy

  3. Ang parusa ng Dewende

  4. Ang Binibini tumalo sa hari

  5. ang mahiwagang biyulin

  6. Maria alimango                           

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Mga Kwento ng Pabula

Mga kwento ni big boy

Mga kwento ng katatawanan

Mga kwentong tagalong

Mga kwento tungkol sa kalikasan

Mga kwento ng katutubong kulay

Mga kwento ng pakikipagsapalaran

Mga kwento ni bob ong

Mga kwento ng mga hayop

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