Detail Your Car Like A Professional

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Don’t you love it when your car is sparkling clean. In this economy who would want to spend money on a car detail.  They can be as expensive as $250.

First give your car a good wash with hot water and soap.  Wash one section at a time and make sure you thoroughly rinse each section before moving on to the next section. 

Thoroughly dry your car with a chamois or similar cloth.  A chamois is a good investment because you can use it over and over again.  You must dry your car before it starts to dry on its own or you will get water spots.  Do not use regular terry cloth towels for drying because they will leave lint everywhere on your car.

Remove all of your personal items and trash from inside the car.  Vacuum out the entire car including under the mats.  Pay special attention to crevices and in between the seats.

Use window cleaner on all windows inside and out.  You can also use it on mirrors, lights and blinkers.

To get shiny tires, you will want to use a tire cleaner.  It is a good investment because you can use the can several times.  Just spray or foam it on and wipe with a cloth.  Only use the tire cleaner on the outside of the tire, not on the tread and not on the rim.

Use a chrome cleaner to make your rims shine.  Of course most of the dirt should have been cleaned off in your initial wash of the car.

Buy cleaners for leather, vinyl, dash, etc.  You will want to have the appropriate product for each and you will be happy with the results.


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