How to Work Skinny Jeans into Your Style

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Skinny jeans are fresh alternatives to the slew of other cuts that are out there, but they are definitely not for everyone. I call the rule that determines who can and can’t wear skinny jeans The Rule of Extremes. Skinny jeans are not recommended if you have a flat backside or incredibly bony legs. If you’re ultra-skinny, skinny jeans will make you look unhealthily thin. If you’re a very chubby gal, skinny jeans can make you look outright fat. If you have a round behind, skinny jeans may over-advertise it, depending on how conservative you are and what your tastes are in terms of showing your bum.

But if you don’t fall on the extreme end of the body type spectrum, skinny jeans are for you. Don’t be skeptical! There are ways to integrate skinny jeans into your wardrobe, no matter what your style is. Most women fit loosely into one of five styles: bohemian, glamour, Goth, preppy, and punk. Here’s how to work skinny jeans into your style:

BOHEMIAN: Normally accustomed to boot cut or flared jeans, you might need to get used to the tight fit of skinny jeans. The best way for a boho beauty to wear skinny jeans is with taller boots. Try Uggs, Victorian lace-ups, or equestrian-style in beaten leather. Put on a peasant top in a long tunic length if you want extra coverage for your behind. Sweater coats or a granny dress over the jeans are other great options for coverage. Bangles, chandelier earrings, hoop earrings, big rings, a scarf, or ethnic beads will complete the outfit.

GLAMOUR: You’re in luck because skinny jeans are the ultimate fit for showing off your high-heels. Throw on a sexy silk top, signature jewelry, belt, and stilettos and you’re ready to go. You may want the top to be somewhat long to provide coverage for your derriere. Skinnies are, after all, pretty revealing. If you want, you can throw on a cute shrug or jacket over your blouse in case you get chilly or simply want extra coverage.

GOTH: Skinny jeans are more punk than Goth, but you can distinguish yourself from the subculture you’re so commonly confused with by choosing a bona fide Goth shirt and Medieval or Victorian-style jewelry. You should wear a top with an Edwardian collar in black or burgundy and tall boots. Cross earrings, unicorn charm bracelets, or dragon necklaces are a few accessories that make fantastic touches.

PREPPY: Considering that punks invented the skinny jeans, this cut is nearly anti-preppy. But don’t worry—you can still work skinnies into your wardrobe. You’ll just be more limited in how you can wear them. Choose out a longish sweater and a collared shirt (polo or something dressier.) Layer the sweater over the shirt and wear the jeans with your favorite belt. What’s most important about wearing skinny jeans is picking out the right shoes. Be sure to choose tall boots (Uggs or something sleek, like polished leather)—no ankle boots or loafers. Complete the outfit with a ribbon in your hair and the usual subtle jewelry.

PUNK: Like leggings, skinny jeans are authentically punk, so this cut should be easy for you to rock. Find a pair in black or charcoal gray and slide on a funky belt, with studs or cool designs like skulls. Your top could be a thermal shirt or a screen tea with a fun hoodie layered over it. Stack on five to ten jelly bracelets in your favorite color (I recommend black, purple, hot pink, neon green, or bright red.) To finish the look, slip on a pair of Converse, Vans, or Docs.


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