How to spot reduce…sort of

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waist_Thumb.jpgstubborn fatThis is going to be somewhat of a lengthy article but I’m going to do you the favor of telling you exactly why spot reduction does not work and then tell you the way that “sort of” works for spot reduction. I know you always hear “spot reduction doesn’t work” but I also know in the back of everyone’s mind your still asking “OK but why not?”. I’m going to get a little scientific on you but at the same time I’m going to keep it as simple as possible so stick with me here.
NE_Thumb.jpgNorepinephrineWe all know there are many different “systems” in your body. You’ve got the nervous system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, etc. Well you also have a system known as the adrenergic system. This is the system that all the popular diet pills target to promote fat loss. For example, the old ephedrine/caffeine/Aspirin stack worked by stimulating the release of norepinephrine (NE)- the body’s primary thermogenic hormone. Norepinephrine worked by binding to the adrenergic systems alpha and beta receptors to stimulate lipolysis(the breakdown of fat). Now so I don’t lose you, these receptors, depending on which are activated are what decide whether lipolysis is turned on or off. NE stimulates these receptors in the right way to “turn on” lipolysis.
Now for the confusing part that makes you wonder why your body has to be such a pain sometimes. The alpha-2 receptors are stimulated very easily by NE, easier than the other receptors in the adrenergic system. This would sound like a good thing since stimulating this receptor promotes fat loss, but (this is where your body gets confusing) when alpha-2 receptors are activated it shuts down the release of NE. Now your thinking “why would it do a counter-productive thing like that?”. I don’t have that answer for you, it just does. So this is where we explain why some areas of your body are more stubborn to fat loss. Remember those problem areas for men and women? Those are the same areas that have been shown to have a higher density of alpha-2 receptors. 
To further clarify, I just explained that alpha-2 receptors activate fat loss but at the same time shut it down just as easily. Since these stubborn areas have been shown to have a higher density of alpha-2 receptors, fat loss is generally shut down a majority of the time in that area. Now your asking yourself, “Great! Now what exactly can I do about something like that?”.
A supplement called “Yohimbine” has been shown to short circuit the feedback loop of NE binding to the alpha-2 receptor. Good news possibly. It also increases blood flow. Fat tissue is known to have poor circulation. Also, fat needs to be transported through the blood out of the fat tissue or it risks being re-deposited. With all of this being said, Yohimbine could possibly aid in reducing fat in those stubborn areas.
lipoderm_Thumb.jpgLipoderm-Y Yohimbine creamSimply taking Yohimbine in pill form could be bad though as it can cause irregular heart rate, high blood pressure, and anxiety. Because of this, many companies have made Yohimbine available in a topical cream. We’ve all seen the topical creams that claim “spot reduction”. I’m not saying they work, but if you have seriously exhausted all efforts, your diet is 100% strict, and your exercise program is as “dialed in” as it can get then you could consider Yohimbine cream.
These creams work by transdermal delivery better known as “through the skin”. You apply the cream to the stubborn area and the Yohimbine goes to work in that area. I wouldn’t necessarily call this “spot reduction” because your body still burns fat from the last place it was stored, so if you still have newer fat stored elsewhere your body will burn it first regardless of the Yohimbine cream. This can simply be an aid if you decide that your stubborn area is the only place you have fat left and it just won’t go away. There is no single “most popular” Yohimbine cream that I know of, but you can search for “Yohimbine cream” on or elsewhere to find one that you like. I will state again that you should not even try this if you still eat like crap and don’t work out. This is only used as a last resort when all efforts have been exhausted. And if it does not work don’t yell at me as I will also note that every single person is different. There are no two people that can follow the same diet or exercise program or take the same supplement and expect the same results. I, myself, am one of the few 10% of people that creatine does absolutely nothing for. If you have any other questions or feel that I have left something out that should be noted please message me. Also read the warnings below for the possible, but very rare, side effects of Yohimbine cream.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not target one specific body part all the time while exercising. It will not cause spot reduction. Work your entire body to produce overall tone and increase your metabolism.
  • Only use Yohimbine cream as a last resort and also note it is not guaranteed to work. Few things in life are ever guaranteed, but many things are worth trying.
  • Side effects of Yohimbine cream are rare, but like anything it can still happen.
  • Side effects include- Loss of appetite, dizziness, hand tremors, and excessive sweating.
  • Only use topical creams for 6-8 weeks.
  • Be smart and use common sense. If you experience severe side effects like hand tremors or irregular heartbeat discontinue use IMMEDIATELY and see your doctor.


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