How to Wear Burgundy without Looking like a Wine Bottle

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Burgundy is a gorgeous color that automatically brings elegance to any outfit. But as is true with all beautiful things, excess is destructive. Keep burgundy to a minimum to achieve a timeless glow that shines with both Victorian splendor and red carpet glam. Here’s how to wear burgundy without looking like a wine bottle:

*Pair it with the right colors: As beautiful as burgundy is, it is not a completely versatile color. Black, navy blue, forest green, chocolate brown, charcoal gray, plum, and deep rose are natural pairings for burgundy. White usually looks better with maroon (which has more purple) than burgundy; go for an off-white, like antique ivory instead. Avoid pairing burgundy with bright yellows, oranges, and other kind of tropical or fluorescent colors.

*Find velvet in burgundy: One of the most sophisticated additions to any woman’s wardrobe is something in burgundy velvet. Velvet peasant tops, purses, cocktail dresses, ballet flats, jackets, headbands, and choker necklaces are classy pieces you can wear night or day. Just change the accessories and other elements of the outfit according to the event. Since velvet is inherently a formal fabric, it’s easy to look overdressed, especially in such a graceful color. That’s why the next tip is so useful.

*Mix a burgundy top with denim: Never wear burgundy head-to-toe or you’ll be confused for a Christmas ornament. A surefire way to prevent this common mistake is to wear a pretty burgundy top with your favorite jeans. The casual look of jeans will balance out the ultra-luxurious look of burgundy. Faded or bleached jeans look great with plain burgundy cotton tops, like babydolls, polos, and rib tees. Darker, boot cut jeans are perfect companions for a burgundy evening blouse. Just throw on some black stilettos and you’re ready to head downtown.

*Wear burgundy lipstick: Choose burgundy for a glamorous lip color. Since burgundy is such a deep shade, keep the rest of your face more neutral. Browns and golds look splendid with burgundy lipstick. Try brown pencil eyeliner and gold eye shadow or brown mascara and liquid gold eyeliner. Classic black mascara, burgundy lipstick, and clear lipgloss make another chic combination. Just remember to keep the burgundy lipstick the focus of the face and the rest of the look subtler and more relaxed.

*Choose simple jewelry: As powerful a color as burgundy is, it’s best to keep jewelry understated to place emphasis on your burgundy item. Clean shapes and classic materials are two musts. Steer away from anything overtly trendy. Two examples: Silver hoop earrings are cute with a burgundy tunic and a cameo broach is lovely with a burgundy evening dress.


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