How to Make the Equestrian Style Wearable

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Do rolling hills and galloping horses catch your fancy? Perhaps you admire the clothes English horse riders wear, but have always wondered how you could capture their style without paying stable membership. The look you want to achieve is that of an English countryside aristocrat. Here’s how to make the equestrian style wearable outside of rural settings:

*Choose classy colors: Keep your color palette subtle and sophisticated with a mixture of darks and neutrals. Navy, black, burgundy, gray, white, ivory, dark green, antique rose, and various shades of brown (from beige to camel to chocolate) are classic choices. These colors all match each other very well. A few combinations you may want to try: black and white; ivory and dark green; antique rose and burgundy; and camel and chocolate. Steer clear of tropical brights and fluorescent/neon colors. Pastels should be worn sparingly, if at all, and avoid pairing them with black.

*Search for the right tops: Collared shirts with pastoral-themed patterns are ideal. Horses, roosters, and wildflowers are examples of the types of patterns you should wear. The patterns should be subtle, just small to medium sized. For a less blatant equestrian pattern, try plaid. Fitted cardigans with a little bit of stretch (look for spandex or lycra in the list of materials.) You can layer the cardigans over printed blouses or ribbed tees or camisoles. Tunic sweaters to wear over collared shirts are another pretty option. Also shop for tailored blazer-cut jackets. Fabrics like corduroy, wool, and velvet are best for these jackets.

*Find flattering straight-leg pants: Well-tailored jeans, khakis, and corduroys are the perfect pants. Try leggings, too (just be sure to wear a longer top over them for extra coverage.) The trick to a stylish fit means finding something that’s fitted in the thigh, but not tight. The seat should hug your bum, not form a wedgie. Back pockets are advisable if you have a flat bum and want to create the illusion of having a fuller bottom. Short pants, like capris, high waters, and shorts, don’t work into the style.

*Wear simple, elegant jewelry: Horse-head and horseshoe charms are stylish and quaint. Look for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Lockets in classic shapes like hearts or mini boxes are pretty, too. Also consider wearing elaborate belt buckles to pair with leather belts. Plain gold or silver studs and chains belong in your jewelry box.

*Sport pretty boots: Look for sleek leather or suede boots that reach at least mid-calf. What you want to avoid are grungy stable-hand boots. For a more modern take, you might try taller Ugg boots in camel or charcoal. Always pull the boots over your pants to show their full length. If you would prefer not to wear boots on certain days, you can also search for loafers, moccasins, or printed tennis shoes. 


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