How to Dress Up Head-to-Toe Denim

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A denim jacket and fitted jeans make a classic outfit. But classic can quickly mean boring if worn the wrong way. That’s why it’s important to mix in expressive accessories and exciting tops underneath of the jacket. Here are ways to punch up the denim jacket and jeans combination to prevent yourself from looking out-of-date:

*Wear a scarf: The right scarf will add artistic flair to your denim ensemble. Find one in an unusual textured fabric or look for unique ethnic patterns. Silk scarves are always very ladylike and are particularly stunning in scarlet. Remember that you can wear scarves in places other than around your neck—you can also put them in your hair like headbands or use them as sashes by running them through your belt loops to accessorize your jeans.

*Wear adorable shoes: Choose fabulous boots to slip over your jeans. Uggs are very stylish right now, but feminine cowboy boots can also be a cute touch. Killer boots with stiletto heels in black, red, or chocolate are another great option. For something more schoolgirl, go for pretty ballet flats or Mary-Janes. Just avoid white sneakers at any cost (the only place they ever belong is the gym, anyway!).

*Wear interesting jewelry: Skip the traditional gold studs or conservative loop earrings for a day or two, if not more. Try chandelier earrings instead for instant Bohemian glamour—or even wooden or jade earrings. Substitute a gold chain with a funky beaded necklace. Go for mood rings or rings with giant minerals like amber or turquoise.

*Wear a pretty blouse: Most women just wear plain cotton tank tops and tees under their denim jackets—but you don’t have to be one of them! Go for Victorian-style lace blouses (looks even more beautiful with a cameo to match) and you’ll immediately bring a new twist to your tired ensemble. You can also wear silk blouses or velveteen camisoles. The trick is to find something fancy in a rich fabric that will contrast against all that denim.

*Wear colored denim: Ditch the blue jeans once in a while and put on a pair in lime green, fire engine red, canary yellow, or other fun colors. Even black jeans can be refreshing. Your jacket doesn’t have to match your pants perfectly—in fact, it generally looks better if an outfit isn’t too matchy-matchy, anyway.

Here are some outfits to try for some inspiration:

*Denim jacket, blue jeans, burgundy rib tee, brown/burgundy ribbon choker, brown/burgundy chandelier earrings, brown Uggs (or similar boots)

*Denim jacket, blue jeans, black V-neck top, longish necklace (to peep out under the fold of the scarf), scarf, black flats

*Denim jacket, red jeans, black ribbed tank, turquoise necklace, black boots

*Denim jacket, black jeans, red turtleneck, feather earrings (or other unusual earrings), black/red boots


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