How to Be a Boho Beauty

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Mimic Tarzan’s Jane and be a Wild Thing freshly emerged from the jungle with simple, natural hair and make-up like a true Boho Beauty. Paired with crushed velvet tier skirts, luxurious boots, and flowing tunics, this low-maintenance look can be truly stunning. All it takes is the right color palette and the understanding that less is more. Read on for some tantalizing tips:

Eyes: Browns, beiges, wines, and berries are the best shades for eye shadow. Eyeliner should either be brown or charcoal gray, rather than black, which is too harsh for the low-maintenance air day look that being a Boho Beauty requires. Black eyeliner is only appropriate for night when more dramatic Gypsy eyes can add flair to any outfit. Mascara should be either brown or black for day—but navy and violet are great special occasion alternatives. Keep brows groomed, but obsessive plucking is unnecessary. Opt for brow gel instead of too clean-cut plucking.

Lips: Shop for nude colors for day and elegant wines for night. Buy beiges, burgundies, and subtle pinks. Tinted lip balm, smooth lipsticks, and shimmery or shiny lip glosses are the only lip products you need; petroleum jelly alone can be lovely if properly applied because it dually moisturizes and add shine. Avoid using lip liner because it makes the lips seem too stiff and defined. If you want to give the impression of plump lips, finish off your lip color with clear lipgloss. For parties, play up eyes, but minimize lips, leaving them in nude beiges or pinks.

Cheeks: Light blush and bronze are the best for cheeks. Use either gels or slow-setting stains for day, but reserve powders for more made-up occasions. Highlight your cheekbones by sweeping cheek color just under your cheek bone, rather than directly on top of it. Body jewels, like adhesive rhinestones, are beautiful details for night when the fairy child within you is at play!

Skin:  Minimalism is your best bet here, unless you have serious skin flaws. Dab on just enough concealer to hide pimples, scars, ruddiness, and bags under your eyes, and rub sunscreen or moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher onto the rest of your skin. Make your skin look fresh and dewy.

Hair: If your hair’s naturally curly, define the curls using pomade while your hair’s still wet, rather than straightening it. For wavy girls, leave-in conditioner will preserve pretty tresses and prevent them from frizzing. If your hair’s straight pump it up using volumizing mousse. Glam hair with Victorian-style or ethnic hair accessories, like rhinestone encrusted barrettes or hand-painted chopsticks. Avoid dying hair frequently as it will cause hair to become unattractively frizzy over time and require too much maintenance.

The most important point to remember when trying to achieve the Boho Beauty look is to emphasize your natural beauty with adding just a hint of glamour, which usually lies more in your clothing and accessories than your hair and make-up. Compliment your new face with chunky knits, distressed denim, funky shoes, and layers of jewelry.


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