Advice on Creating the Look of a Caravan Ingenue

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Be the girl who has seen everything, yet still knows nothing. Be glamorously naïve. Be the caravan ingénue, who travels for miles by day and then slips into lively towns at night for a taste of novelty. Subtle elegance with a hint of the unexpected is the caravan ingénue’s approach to fashion—she is too busy exploring the world to be fussy about her appearance, but has a natural sense of Old World style that distinguishes her from her more stationary counterparts. So how can you acquire this unique breed of beauty without actually becoming a nouveau gypsy? Just dress the part:

*The palette: Fall colors, earth tones, and random spurts of tropical brightness make for a tantalizing spectrum. Try burgundy, navy, black, gray, beige, camel, antique rose, forest green, chocolate, and mustard yellow, with bursts of bright yellow, green, red, blue, and orange.

*The tops: Opt for blouses with stripes, thick or thin, in subdued color combinations; polka dots are equally chic. For cooler days, pull-over sweaters in solid high quality wools and cardigans with antique-style buttons; knit shawls and understated ponchos are lovely alternatives. Lacy camisoles are great for layering under or over plain rib-tees.

*The jackets: Short, cropped, and fitted are the ones to buy. Steer away from anything with a boxy, masculine cut. Black leather is adventurous and sleek, but still ladylike if well-tailored. Denim jackets with a spin (like an eye-catching color or lace trim on the cuffs) are equally stylish alternatives.

*The pants: Avoid the uniform blue jeans and instead seek out ultra-skinny jeans in unexpected colors, like brick red, neon green, or lavender. Also consider buying corduroys in slimming cuts and plain leggings in neutral colors, like black and charcoal gray.

*The skirts: Be dramatic. Choose mini skirts or more worldly long and flowing ones. Pair textured tights or leggings under shorter skirts for fashionable coverage.

*The dresses: Casual and rustic are the two elements to keep in mind whilst dress shopping. Plain cut sun dresses in solid colors are beautifully paired with elaborate shoes.

*The shoes: Choose classics in leather, like ballet flats, Mary-Janes, equestrian boots, and Trojan sandals. Shoes should be more cute than sexy, with attention paid to comfort and function. The ingénue does not wear stilettos or ultra-strappy sandals.

*The accessories: Long scarves in popping colors, like splashes of orange or hyper-blue, are superb additions to any outfit. Also look for vintage jewelry (whether real or just look-alikes), such as delicate gold chains, subtle pearls, lockets, and metallic brooches. Hats, in chunky knits or feminine felts, are another must. Wide leather belts with large buckles should also find way into your wardrobe. Leather gloves or long opera-style ones are great for warming up the hands or simply to complete an outfit. 


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