Here’s How to Improvise when You Run Out of Bread and Want a Sandwich

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What do you do when you are out of bread, but you want a sandwich? Maybe it’s a few days until payday, and you have a family to feed. Sometimes you have to improvise. Do you put making your favorite sandwich off until you can get to the store to get more bread? When I don’t have bread I improvise. The quickest way for me to make bread is to whip up a couple of pancakes. Pancakes make the perfect sandwich material.

Last night I made hamburgers and we had no bread, and neither did we have any hamburger buns. I make up a batch of small pancakes just large enough to make a cheeseburger nice and cozy. This morning I made pancakes to make a sausage and egg sandwich. For supper I made pancakes to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Pancakes are very versatile.

For 2 pancakes I just use about a half cup of Bisquick and enough milk to make it into a nice pancake batter. I cook the pancakes on my electric pancake griddle.I don’t even measure it myself. I know how much I will need for the amount of people I am making pancake sandwiches for. Then you just put your favorite filler on one pancake and cover it with the other and make a sandwich out of it. If you are ever out of bread, don’t fret, just make a small batch of pancakes small enough to make sandwiches.


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