10 tips for car travel / vacationing with small children

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10 useful tips for roadtrip vacations  with kids.

 I have had the  pleasure and stress (mostly pleasure) of traveling in the last 8 years with my little ones from New York  to Virginia Beach, Virginia(again), West Virginia, New Jersey (5+ times), Pennsylvania (7+times), Connecticut, Baltimore and  Washington Dc.

My children are now 8, 6 and 2 and we are embarking on our longest one yet..to Disneyworld.
Here’s some advice that works for us:

1) Drink water only in the car and not too  much of it. Stopping every 2 hours at a rest stop is great , but you don’t want to do it more often than that. which leads to number 2 :

 2)  An empty plastic coffee can  or small beach bucket can serve many purposes in an emergency(think being stuck in Brokklyn roadwork or at a toll booth).. a mini potty, a barf can, a garbage can…..

3)  Have plenty of  DVD’s ..better than  just the ones you own , go to the library and rent a whole bunch of ones they have never seen before..I find it keeps my kids quieter  much longer.

4) If you are stopping on the road at a hotel for 1 or 2 nights before you reach your final destination, pack clothes  and toiletries for everyone for just that one day (or 2),  in a community bag…then save the big luggage or individual suitcases for when you arrive and are settling in for an extended stay.

5) Snacks good…too many bad. Endless munching leads to tummy trouble, more potty stops, more crumbs in the car and less real food. Plan a healthy sandwich and fruit for your rest area stops if you arent going to buy. Oh, and lollipops are such a lifesaver, I just cant believe that they can calm a fussy 2 year old, and excite a 6 and 8 year old so much , but they do and they are not  usually messy. I’ll worry about the cavities later.  However, snacks are a necissity because gnawing hunger can take its toll , so  packing  some nutritious ones like nuts, granola bars, bananas and apples will take the edge off until mealtime.

6) Designate quiet time.  Song time. Movie time. Game time.  Othen I will I designate the next, say 30 minutes, or until we reach the next stop,  to be quiet time. Or we play a license plate or I-spy game . Then a movie, then quiet time again. Then we blast out some tunes and have a singalong. It really helps break up the trip. And it’s fun .

7) Travel clothes…my kids all travel in sweat pants( who wants tight jeans when you are sitting for so long?) and no shoes.They have small lap blankets too in case they get cold or that can be rolled and used as a pillow.   I also wear sweats (but with my most comfy driving shoes). I can’t drive in shorts because my legs stick to the seat. and my hair is in a bun so its not hanging in my face. Just a personal  preference , but whatever works for you. Be comfy. Be happy.

8) Sunscreen! What? In the car? Yes. Imagine the poor child whose arm (or cheek)  will be in the sun for the next 5 hours as you are on one road for the entire afternoon. Another great idea are  those child window shades you can get a baby stores. Helps with naps too.

9) A little surprise never hurt!  I pack my kids 1  or 2 surprise bags….a  new activity book, a  small candy, maybe a toy car or doll(small),  a new DS game, a small handheld game, a letter from Grandma,pen and notepads,  anything they will like ….. this is fun  to break out  when they  get  bored. If you go to McDonalds during the year, get a happy meal and save the toy for occassions like this.

10)  Thoughtful packing helps.  Large plastic bags packed in the suitcases are great for throwing dirty clothes in . Disposable sample size skin care and toothpastes are great. (less to bring  home). Books for bedtime and favorite stuffed animals. A small extra pillow or 2.  A battery charger for the camera . All medicines, vitamins, and extra bandaids. Kids seem to fall more on vacation for some reason. A nail file, hair brush, razors. A book light helps me read when the kids have gone to sleep already.

 And lastly,  a great sense of humor will make your trip a happy one to remember! Life’s really about having fun, so don’t stress. Just enjoy the sights and scenery and the precious time with your family.


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