How to be More Social: 5 tips

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Studies have shown that social and friendly people are usually happier and live longer. So even if you are a little uncomfortable at first, give these tips a try and see if they help you be a more social person. Recognize that you may be a little uncomfortable at first, but you will get better at being social as you practice these techiques.

Step One

Smile and make eye contact with people around you. Make sure you do not stare though. Most people will smile back, and some will even initiate a conversation with you.

Step Two

Keep your body language inviting. For example, if you have your arms crossed at your chest, you will look unapproachable. If you look inviting, people are more likely to interact with you.

Step Three

Another great way to be social is to try to be helpful. For example, if someone looks lost, offer them help. If an older person is trying to cross the street, ask them if they need assistance. If you see someone carrying a lot of heavy things, you can offer to help.

Step Four

Always have some conversation fodder ready so that if you get to talk with someone, you have something to talk about. Weather and news and current events are usually good conversation starters. You can also talk about the current time and place. For example, if you are in a conference, you can talk about the conference hall, or about the speeches and presentations you heard. You can also start by giving someone a compliment, such as, “that is a beautiful hat you are wearing”.
Politics, religion, and other topics which people consider personal and may have strong opinions about are not good conversation topics for a first meeting.

Step Five

Once you have started a conversation, it is important to carry it and end it well. To keep a conversation going, listen attentively, and make your replies polite. Close the conversation by thanking them and explaining that you need to leave. You can also introduce yourself at this point if you haven’t already. For example “It was great chatting with you. By the way, my name is Ruby. Hope fully I will see you around. Take care ”


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