How to Make More Money with Paid Surveys

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What are Paid Surveys?

Survey websites will pay you a small amount of money or offer rewards points to take surveys.  The pay is very low, 50 cents to $1.00 per survey.  Some survey sites can be trying, directing you through multiple screens of advertising offers before showing you the survey.  This can be confusing for first-timers, who might also have trouble determining when the survey is complete.

Use Caution

While survey sites can help you earn a little extra money, it is recommended that you use caution.  You can avoid signing up for offers you do not want by clicking “no” or “skip” on the offers shown.  Sometimes, the website will prompt you to click “yes” to at least one offer.  Simply click “yes” on one of the offers and then click “skip” at the bottom of the next page. When you finally get to your survey, fill it out and continue on.  It will usually give you a bar at the top that says, “Almost Done”.  Keep clicking through screens until that bar disappears.  Usually, you will get an announcement that tells you that you are done.

Incredible Offers

You will come across some unbelievable offers, like $500 Visa gift card just for survey, but then it turns out you must sign up for trials (that cost money) at the end. The offers are from good companies you know, so it might be worth your effort. Just be sure to read the fine print and understand how many offers your must sign up for.

How to Make Money with Surveys

The real money in surveys comes from referring others to sign up.  This can be very profitable for you.

Ethical Concerns

Some people have a problem with referring others to a site they may not use themselves.  However, consider that some users have reported verifiable incomes of $1,500 to $1,800 per month on a single survey website.  When you refer other members, you are giving them the opportunity to earn this kind of money as well.

In the end, paid surveys can make you a great income, if they are your cup of tea.  They can even be fun and sometimes addictive.  Try it, and see if you like it.


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