Create biodegradable seed starting pots

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Items you will need for this project:

Cardboard rolls form paper towels or toliet paper


Planting soil

Container to hold the rolls



If you are going to start very many seedlings, you will want to save the rolls over the course of months, you can also enlist your friends and family to save theirs for you too.

If you are using the cardboard tube form toilet paper, you will not need to cut the length, however if you are using the cardboard roll from paper towels, you will need to cut them in half.

On one end, which will be the bottom, you will need to cut slits. They should be roughly the same length on all sides and equal 1/2 the diameter of the tube.

Fold each over and interlock as when folding a box. Next fill with your planting medium and tamp down. I usually do this by gently tapping the roll on a counter.

Plant your seeds and place all the rolls in a container that will hold water.

Water gently and if desired, cover the top of the container with plastic wrap to ensure your seedlings have adequate water to germinate.

Once the seeds have germinated, you may want to remove the plastic to make sure your new seedlings have fresh air.

Once your seedlings have reached the stage where their “True Leaves” are formed, (usually the second set), you are able to transplant them outdoors, of course weather permitting.

Dig a hole to appropriate size of your roll and plant the whole thing. It will naturally decompose and your little starts won’t have to endure transplant shock.


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