Loose Weight Quickly Using One of These Three Diets

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The Best Weight Loss Programs by Denise Larkin

There are all kinds of diets that can make you loose weight quickly. The question is are they healthy? Do we still go wrong and eat fatty foods and sugary cakes?  Here are three of the best programs.

Weight Watchers Diet

This is based on food points and meetings with a Councillor, who helps you along by weighing you and giving advice. The problem only problem is you can still eat anything, which then puts you in a position to feel more hungry. You do not loose weight quickly either.  At weight watcher meetings you are given a list, so you can practically eat anything, so long as you stick to your maximum points and exercise.   If you think that this diet is for you, then cut out fatty foods, sugary foods and pasta for two weeks until you are fully into it.  If you do this you will loose pounds.

The South Beach Diet

With this program you have to eat low carbohydrate foods for two weeks, which consists of fish, low fat cheese, eggs, skinless chicken,  green vegetables and salad.  Fruit, tea or coffee with milk, fatty foods and sugary foods are not allowed.  After two weeks you can add fruit, such as apples.  This is mainly based on good carbohydrates. Not an easy diet to do, but it is a way of getting rid of weight quickly.

The Cambridge Diet

This is the best one of all.  So, for the new year try to loose weight on this one.  This is a good way to loose it quickly.  Within two weeks you will see the difference.  Need to loose three or four stone?  Then the Cambridge Diet is for you.

Three meals a day for the first two weeks using Cambridge’s own food is the first step.  This is combined with milk shakes, soups and biscuit bars later in the diet.  The first two weeks consists of – 1 shake in the morning, for lunch a soup or shake and dinner a soup.  These meals have all the vitamins and food that a person needs, so the diet is completely safe to do. You do not feel hungry after being on it for at least a week.  This way of dieting has been around for many years and it has been approved by Doctors.

It really does work. The only side effects are headaches and tiredness and feeling crap, but this only happens on the second and third day. This means that the diet is working as all the toxins in your body are flushing out of your system. You have to drink 3 litres of water a day (10 glasses). This will help to stop the hunger.  If you cannot do the diet like this, then you can prepare yourself for a few days before by eating some salad/vegetables or skinless chicken or both for an evening meal.  Do this for two days and then gradually cut down by just having a salad on the third day.  Do not put salad dressing or oil on it only vinegar is allowed and no salt.  After the fourth day it will be fine to eat the meals without solid food, so you can loose more weight.  Doing this prepares you for the two weeks of soul source eating.

Also, you can have black coffee or tea with no milk or sugar only sweetener tablets are allowed.

After two weeks you will add small amounts of food, such as salad, vegetables, chicken or white fish.

With this diet you see a Counsellor who weighs and measures you every week.  They will always advise and help you to carry on with it.  Plus, you buy the food from them too.  A Counsellor can be found by doing a search on the internet.  They exist in England, United States and most parts of Europe.


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