How to Rip Open An Apple With Bare Hands

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First off, you must realize that ripping open an apple with your bare hands is something that we are not capable of doing. Therefore, it takes great technique. Gripping the apple harder will allow more pressure from the stem of the apple to come outward.


Next, try to wiggle the fleshy part of your thumbs into the apple’s stem area. Remove the stem and put the base of your thumbs to where the stem was. The rest of your fingers should grip the apple all the way around the bottom. If you try this position without the apple and pull your fingers towards your wrist, you will realize that the thumbs will roll out. This rolling force will help split the apple in half.


Then, position your hands in step 2 and squeeze hard as your let the thumbs roll outward. You will soon feel the ripping force increase as your tighten your grip. As your grip the apple harder, the apple will rip in half!


Lastly, this is something that anyone is capable of doing with some proper gripping techniques. This works best if you are using an apple that is ripe.


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