How to Rip A Phonebook In Half

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The first step in ripping a phonebook in half with your bare hands is to keep your hands as fast away as possible from each other. Grab the two corners of the phonebook, gripping them with your ring finger and pinky, and then slowly extend your thumbs to the middle of the phonebook.


Next, pinch and squeeze the phonebook between your two index fingers. Have a strong grip so that the phonebook does not slip out of your hands. Being some of the pages will make it easier for you to tear apart the phonebook.


Then, pull on the corners outwards and downwards, while keeping the pinch with your index fingers. This will case the front cover to rip first, and then each of the pages of the phonebook, one after another. The hardest is the initial rip of the phonebook. After the first step, ripping the rest of the phonebook will come in full effect.


The thicker the phonebook, the more finger strength and trick that you will be required. However, with proper technique of your fingers, you can easily rip any paged phonebook with ease!


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