Get up and Get going!

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Most of us find it difficult in life to do what we have to. Often because what we have to do is not what we want to do. Nobody in life has the luxury of complete freedom. Everyone is somehow attatched to something else and therefore, has responsibility for it. Even the richest of men have their worries. However, every respectable and highly accomplished person on earth, has found a way to keep themselves motivated , a way to keep themself going. So below is a small article I about how to keep going when you need that extra bit of strength. While not all of it may be relevant to you ( nothing is ever relevant to everyone) you may find that some of this will help you get by, be it just your simple daily life or the most difficult of moments.

The following article is based on the perspective of a person needing to do something but not having the motivation to do it.

1. Find Your Goal In Life

As the title suggests, one has to know what they want before they can be motivated. What do you want in your life? You should find a way to achieve your goal in life and more or less have a plan. While planning,remeber to keep it real! Dont aim for things which are obviously impossible to do but at the same time, dont aim too low.I find it easier to actually plan backwards. Starting with where I want to be/what I want to becom and working backwards slowly to who I am now. I personally have a goal of making $77,777,777 by the time i reach age 31. An extremely high goal I know, but it does give me a good reason to wake up everyday and find ways to make money. My life’s goal is to be financially free as soon as possible so I can help others who are less fortunate.

2. Family

Another great motivational factor can be your family. Fall back on them during difficult moments. Family should come first. Discuss about what you are trying to achieve with your family and talk about it regularly! I find this especially useful as by doing so you are forced to confront the truth of the situation or status of your aim ( unless you lie to your family =(.. not a good thing to do ) Some people dont sdo so as they fear that they will dissapoint thier family. Most people have a wivfe/husband , children, mother, father.. someone to care for. And sometimes they forget that thier family cares for them as well. Think about it this way, In the event that you succeed, they can celebrate and congradulate you on your succees. In the even that you fail, they willback you and give you a reason to continue. Sometimes thinking about how they would feel if you succeed can be a great motivational factor in itself. Think of how they will feel when you finally succeed. A win-win situation yes?

3.Start Now!

Remember, today is always worth two tomorrows. Most people say ”ok! I am motivated, I will do it first thing tomorrow”. They find themselves waking up having completely lost their drive. That I believe is due to the subconscious thought a persons mind. They dont really want to do it and therefore use ”tomorrow” as an excuse to delay what they need to do. Odds are, if you need motivation to do it, you  probably prefer not to do it to begin with. You could say ”but im tired now, I need some sleep’ or whatever million other excuses you come up with. It is important to remember that conditions are always less than ideal. With that in mind, utilize the motivation you feel right now ( I hope this article will motivate you!) and do what you need to do !

4. Other small titbits

Presented with a task that you do not want to do, it is advisable to make your environment as favourable as possible. Perhaps you should turn on some music while you work through your documents. Perhaps you should have a small meal first, or a short nap. Perhaps a shower would do you good. Whatever, it may be, it may be vital that these little titbits be done in order to keep going. You will be surprised to find yourself able to focus on the task just because you showered earlier, just because you phoned your girlfriend a hours minutes ago. Find what works best for you.

I hope this article was useful. Even if it helps just one person I will be satisfied. Remember, get up and get going now!


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