How to Stop Smoke Alarm When Beeping

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How to Stop Smoke Alarm When Beeping


The first step in stopping a beeping smoke alarm is to first get a chair so that you can easily reach the smoke alarm. It most likely went off because you burnt food while cooking. If you weren’t cooking, look for any signs of fire. If you see fire, the best thing is to call 9-1-1! Escape out of the house immediately if the fire is not sustainable.


Next, grab a plastic bag and a rubber band. You are pretty much going to wrap the smoke alarm air tight with the plastic bag to prevent any further smoke from reaching the sensor. Make sure that you wrap it around tightly to prevent any smoke from entering the sensor of the smoke alarm.


Once the smoke of the burnt food clears up, you can remove the plastic bag. Resume your normal cooking routine! You have successfully stopped a smoke alarm from beeping violently at the smell of burnt food!


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