How to Be The Best Student

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In order to be the best student in your school, you must first be optimistic about everything. In addition, you must be very disciplined and well-behaved. You must be able to balance everything. For example, you will need disciple to set certain schedules, the commitment to strive and not quit, and honor to avoid arrogance.


Second, a best student must study hard. This is the primary task of a student. To study hard and succeed. Remember, if you do not take the initiative, you will accomplish nothing. Ask questions in class if you do not understand something. In addition, make the teachers like you by enjoying the subjects they teach as well as being attentive in class.


Next, let’s go over some study habits. When studying for a test, make sure that you first have all of the proper materials including books, pencils, paper, calculator, etc. Underline the words that you do not understand. In addition, try highlighting some of the themes mentioned in the book. Summarize what you have just read and take notes on each section or chapter. Then, try to memorize everything. Come up with study questions and try to answer them. You should take a break every hour to refresh your memory and to give your brain some rest.


Remember, a best student will only achieve good grades. However, this doesn’t mean that you are a failure if you have bad grades. It simply means that you will need to improve in that area. If you can, try asking your parents for tutoring. Because I have personal experience as a tutor, students who come in for tutoring tend to do better in class as well as improve their grades.


Lastly, you will be on your way in becoming the best student! Remember to never give up and make a commitment to work your best. The truth is, it’s okay to fail, as long as you pick yourself up and try even harder. A lot of the famous people were all once failures. Only by persevering did they manage to climb to the top and succeed.


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