How to Open Pesky Pistachios

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When we see a pistachio with a small opening, our first instinct is to use our nails to pry it open, or crunching it with our teeth.
However, resist those urges! The easiest way is to first grab a discarded pistachio nut shell that is open in half.


Then, stick the pistachio shell into the small opening of the partially opened pistachio. Then, twist with all of your might! With the shell inserted into the crack, twist it like you would a screwdriver. Once you turn it either clockwise or counterclockwise, the pesky pistachio will open in no time like magic!


Eat your conquered victory and enjoy other victories to come! Instead of having to painfully use your teeth or fingernails to pry open these stubby, pesky pistachio nuts, you can easily pry them open with the technique mentioned above! Enjoy eating your pistachio nuts!


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