How to Not Get Arrested At Riots

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In order to avoid being arrested in riots, you must first wear the proper clothing. Dressing in black will help you blend in with the rest of the crowd. In other places, dressing in black will get you arrested, so try wearing something different. The truth is, the more you dress like a cop, the better your chances of not getting arrested. Make sure that you dress in a way not to reveal your identity.


Next, you must have a escape route or a getaway plan. Knowing where you will go is a good way not to get arrested by the cops. A good thing to have is a bicycle. A bicycle will allow you to get away from the police quickly and from other hazards. You can even scout areas and let other members know when police are staging something.


Then, you must know when to leave the scene. This is one of the most important steps that will help you avoid getting arrested in a riot. A good indication when to leave is when you start freaking out. Whatever happens, do not run unless you know that you can outrun the cops. Running will give the cops a reason to stop you. Simply be slick and slip away unnoticed.


Finally, you must assess whether the things you are about to do with your friends is worth a day or two in jail. You must be able to question and assess your arrest level. Be sure to consider the people that can take care of you while you are in jail. Do you have someone to call to bail you out? The truth is, you must act knowing that you will get arrested but do what you can to prevent it.


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