Where to Find Girly Myspace Layouts

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I am like a huge population of the universe. I too, have a Myspace page. I always get complimented on my layouts so I thought it would beneficial to you all for me to include my top 5 Myspace layout resources. Please keep in mind that this list is geared towards girly stuff, but there are also other subjects included at these websites.

1. www.pyzam.com: This website is huge. It has hundreds of layouts. Some of the more popular girly categories would be: Celebrity Layouts, Love Layouts, Sexy Layouts, Swirls Layouts, Red Layouts, Flowers Layouts and Fashion Layouts. Pyzam also has different widgets to include on your Myspace page, “toys” for your Myspace, graphics, funny pictures to send as Myspace comments and more!

2. www.tennayalayouts.com: This website has some ads, but they also have a lot of layouts that cannot be found anywhere else. A lot of Myspace Layout sites out there have the same layouts on each site. Tennaya Layouts has some really unique ones that feature Quotes Layouts, Mommy Layouts, Wife Layouts, Dark Layouts, Bright Colors Layouts, Song Lyrics Layouts, Playboy Layouts, Summer Layouts and more. The only bad part is that you can’t search for a particular site. They simply list them on their site with the newest showing first and you have to arrow through and browse them all. Still might be worth it though if you like unique layouts that nobody else has.

3. www.hotfreelayouts.com: This is also a ginormous website full of different girly Myspace layouts. It’s organized very well so that you can search by the subject you would like your Myspace Layout to be on. They even links to their most popular downloads and their latest Myspace layouts additions. They also feature Stars Layouts, Hearts Layouts, Stars Layouts, Flowers Layouts, Candy Layouts, Polka Dots Layouts and tons more!

4. www.mygirlyspace.com: A very appropriate name for this website. Just about everything they have is girly. They also have graphics. Layouts, Love Layouts, Pregnancy/Parenting Myspace Layouts, Sexy Guys Layouts, Summer Layouts, Quotes Layouts and of course…more.

5. www.hotprofileplus.com: This is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE website to go to in search of the perfect girly Myspace Layouts. They are constantly updating their layout selections and adding new layouts and categories. They have an extensive Holiday Layouts section as well as Butterflies Layouts, Stars Layouts, Quotes Layouts, Love Quotes Layouts, Friendship Quotes Layouts and dozens more categories of Myspace Layouts. They also have a graphics section of images you can add to your personal Myspace page.

Like I said before, I am always getting compliments on my Myspace Layouts, so I wanted to share my sources. There are the only 5 website that I utilize when looking for a Myspace Girly Layout.


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