The Power of Mind

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We need know that we have the power of mind and that is very unusual for some people and not all people can know about it. How do we understand the meaning of the mind? and how can we know the mind functions and how to train our mind?, so that we can think well and use the energy or intellect that we have.

The mind is energy that can change the atmosphere, subjected the surrounding environment and make life more comfortable. The mind will bring all the ease in any form accordance with their needs. The mind have energy, use our mind sparingly so that our life become more calmly and peaceful.

Mind, heart, senses and all members of the body we can be with the awareness, but awareness as an abstract strength is not always independent, when our minds are functioning, awareness will dissolved with the function in mind. When hearts are functioning, then the awareness will dissolved with the feelings of the heart. The Power of mind is abstract or not seen, but the results can be clearly and definitely.

What should be done by us, as people who believe if you are thinking?

  • If we think about the good, the awareness should be dissolved but do not forget to the awareness.
  • If we think about the ugliness, the awareness should be dissolved, but the awareness must be able to control or stop the mind that is not good.
  • If we are enjoy the happiness, the awareness should be dissolved, but still kept in order to remain conscious.
  • If our hearts are experiencing distress, we must be full awareness, and control our hearts and said “O my heart … please you should not be grieve” (to give advice to the self)

Something that we must always remember that the awareness that are not easily solvable with the thoughts of others, feelings and hearts of others with the attitude of others. When we are easily dissolved in thought, feelings and attitudes of others, then we will be easily tricked, refused and we do not have the establishment. Because the mind more than working with the heart and awareness, awareness is only working as a mind opener to be able to think and heart to work only for believe and trust.

How to train your mind?

In practice one’s mind need not to set up a special time or special training to prepare the mind, but we must familiarize ourselves in the mind employs the deliberate and conscious. So with this habit mind will respond and react quickly to situations, as if we think outside the brain.

What must be considered by us to the mind?

Base of the mind ability with do some things that we often do in fact, but rarely we never even think or imagine before, such as:

Observe carefully.

  • If we enter a room, observe and see at a glance, the objects inside or around there. This habit will make us careful and vigilant.
  • If we hear someone talk, listen and see the movement of the mouth, movement of the hands and face shape. This will create a habit we can catch the meaning.
  • If we will go from home, a place to sit, vehicles and others, think a moment what is still left behind, stand, refer to the right and left, front and back, if not all of which have behind, please go away.

Strain concentration.

  • When we are relaxed or sitting, see the object view; flowers, fruits, trees and others, and see, do not blinking two or three minutes until to feel the stinging eyes.
  • Start to see the objects that move while moving your neck and eyes where the object is moving. The object was moving fast and you can still see it. The sharpness of the concentration will be the prime.

Consider and make decisions quickly.

  • Multiply the two numbers that are difficult with the two numbers is also difficult, find the answer without any help, just in the heart only. Repeat with the numbers and more difficult.
  • If there is an accident, find an answers, just in the heart only. The habits and ask yourself against events that will make the mind always be in life.
  • Riddles mind playing habits will help your mind to respond quickly if there is a challenge.

Strengthen the memory.·

  • If you want to sleep, remember what you have done all day.
  • Often do reunion with old friends, the memories of the experience of old would be out all at once as a means of release grief.
  • Complete all of the problems with serious and full attention, then it will be long in the memory.
  • Do not let the mind fall asleep, train your mind and use your mind well, the be the clever people who read the situation and conditions, including yourselves.

Emission of the mind is energy, mind energy that will radiate out to the environment around us, the energy will be strong to the mind objects. Trained mind and strong will shine more and knowledgeable as the radio transmitter. The mind strong and sharp will be easier to cut through all the events. When we are be thought more and also more energy spent and when not supported with the mind of resistance, then we will tired and lost as much energy. If someone want to create something, need to think hard, plan and implement ideas that can be realized.
In daily life we will get some actual events that are often found when the mind is trained, such as;

  • We will feel happy, if we are staying near someone who is happy.
  • We will feel confused, if we are staying near someone who is confused.
  • We will feel the spirit, if we are staying near someone who is optimistic and confident.
  • We will not feel the spirit, if we are staying near someone who is dwarf ideals
  • If we remember the children, wive, parents, and someone, then at the same time, they also will remember us.
  • If your love and affection are sincerely and seriously, the lovers will be easy to catch it without having to say “I love you.”
  • If there is someone who intends evil to come home with a wish to deceive, then we will easily catch the ugly intention with our feelings.

“The mind of human being is not only beneficial to human civilization, but it can be a catastrophe for human civilization and nature, including other beings”

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