How to Start to believe in yourself women, girls, without offending men

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To start with in believing in yourself you must think or and write down your good qualities that YOU like about yourself, this can be physical or aspects of your personality, such as your intelligence, compassion, goodness ect… Go over these things about you as much as possible, daily ideally. Know them and acknowledge that this is who you are and you like it all of it.

Take a favorite item or idea and how it makes you feel about the person who may of given it to you, or the idea of it or just how you like it. That’s what you should feel about you. No one will take those feelings and comfort from you. You can give and be given too, that is a true balance. Live on that.

Trust your feelings and instincts-very important! If you have an idea, let’s say about a guy of whom you think was great and just right for you and you see him as all good and you get together with him and it seems good but you feel something isn’t right or he say’ s or does offensive things. STOP and think go with your instinct if he makes you feel bad, use your mind, is this a really a good person, do you deserve good treatment, believe that you do.

Don’t push things under a rug for anyone nor question what you already know about yourself and what you want. They should care and be good too you as you do for them. This applies to all relationships as well. The old saying do unto others and they should do unto you, period! Don’t be afraid to like what you like and dislike something he likes, your you and he is himself. You can be forgiving just don’t be a fool.

Also, a final thought, ask yourself “am I truly, happy and comfortable with this relationship and or situation and have no big reservations and am I living for him or for me?”

Trust in your feelings and in you and go with them in all situations be it good or bad.


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