Get a Great Cash Back Credit Card

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     Apply for a Chase Freedom Visa by calling 1-800-432-3117. You may not find the exact cash back terms I am going to describe at the Chase website but I know they still offer them because I was in a Chase branch the other day and I asked. You may want to call or stop by a branch and ask for the cash back terms I am describing in this article.

    The way my Freedom Visa works is I get 1% cash back on everything I buy and every bill I pay with the card. On my top 5 spending categories each month I get an additional 2%. Because I have a Chase checking account I get 5 categories, if you do not have a Chase checking account you get an additional 2% on your top 3 categories. There are 15 categories. You get the additional 2% on the categories you spend the most on each month. You also get an additional percentage cash back when shopping online when you go through Chase Rewards Plus. This is on top of your regular cash back and many online merchants are part of Chase Rewards Plus including,, and a ton of others. Another good thing that is offered with your cash back is that if you let your cash back balance build up to $200 they will send you a check for $250-which in effect gives you a minimum of 1.25% cash back. You can get a check when your cash back balance reaches $50 but if you can hold out until it reaches $200 you get a $50 bonus 3      Pay for everything with this credit card including groceries, gas, your utility bills, cell phone and anything else that will accept a credit card for payment. I wish I could pay my mortgage payment with the card but that is one of the few things left that you cannot pay for with a credit card. You will be surprised how fast you cash back balance will build up.     

     This is the most important part of this article. You must and I mean must pay off your credit card balance every month or even better every week on payday like I do or the cash back will be eaten away by interest. I pay off my balance online every week when I get my paycheck.


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