Victim; Stop Situations And Decisions, Protect Your Self And Learn to Say No, to People And Companies. Being The Victim

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CONTRACTS: Before signing for anything, ask questions, read it and get advice, research via the internet, or legitimate testimonies. If something seems weird no matter what it is your getting if it’s huge deal, consult with an attorney to look it over, it’s worth it. Otherwise, DON’T DO IT!

CHORES: You work women, he works, good, yet he comes home and rests and you can’t, why is that cooking, cleaning, laundry or bills to do? I say no, before you even move in together or get married lay out some rules, you work he works, household chores for you and household chores for him, period. If he loves you this will not break you up and he would love to share in making your lives better. MAKE AN AGREEMENT AND STICK TO IT BEFORE DOING ANYTHING.

LENDING MONEY-If you do decide to lend money to anyone-GET IT IN WRITING, Period! it does not need to be notarized, put who is giving the money and who is getting it, how much, the date you lent it, when you want it back, list payment schedule and what would happen if they break this little agreement/contract, OR DON’T DO IT!

START AN ONLINE OR SELLING BUSINESS ANY WHERE: Research it, check the better business bureau, If you have to put a lot of money up front, it’s very important to see if their is a demand for the product, how much time is needed, availability to generate customers, watch out with selling on line it’s not that easy, for instance Ebay sounds easy, it is, however, people who sell like items get desperate and sell cheap then you go cheaper on and on until maybe you could make a dollar! Really, NO. It all sounds sooo good but is it really, pretend your the customer, would you buy this stuff ect…if you think of reasons not to then-DON’T DO IT!

MOVING IN OR LETTING SOMEONE LIVE WITH YOU, FAMILY, FRIENDS, OR LOVERS: How is the relationship now? Are all parties willing to write down rules and contracts no matter how small, and to abide by them, is it worth it? The relationship will change no matter good or bad, it will. Will it make a big financial difference. If they lose their job can you feed them? Do you need to relocate, some people paint a pretty picture but weigh out the negative from the positive and what could go wrong, check out other avenues if you have some serious doubts and the con’ s out weigh the pro’s-DON’T DO IT, YOU DON’T HAVE TO FEEL GUILTY EITHER, THIS IS YOUR RIGHT AND YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO DO SO!

Tips & Warnings

* Each situation varies, these are just some basics and will hopefully help you out in your everyday life. Before you do anything get involved with someone, buy something, invest, the list goes on, check out the consequences if something goes wrong or could go wrong and don’t make yourself a victim of yourself! I will write more soon if you like what I have said. Remember you can control your life and stop being someone’s victim!

* You may need professional advice if matters are more serious, I would defiantly check into if it’s more complicated.


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