How to save money on your monthly bills

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Compile a list of household bills like your utilities (gas, electric, oil, etc), phones – land-line and cellular, cable, internet access and insurance. Look up phone numbers and web sites for all the companies you do business with monthly. Start with the first one on your list and research online options that may help cut costs. Make phone calls if you have to.

With a land-line phone there are so many options out today to combine your land-line with your TV and internet access for a lower price AND on one bill. Make sure to read the terms and see if the deal works for you.

For all your utilities (like electric, and natural gas, oil or propane) the best way to cut your bills and help you keep a balanced budget, is to sign up for their budget plan. It helps to pay $300 a month for 12 months rather than fluctuate. For example, here on the East coast, the winter months usually bring about much higher utility bills – but with the budget plan, you’ll pay the same every month all year long. Also there are programs for people having a hard time with high oil bills. You can see what types of programs are offered by your utility company. You can also shop around for competitive rates on your utilities.

Try the same thing with your insurances like car and homeowners or rental. Raising your deductibles can lower your monthly payments.



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