Is it Sexual Harassment at Your Job Check Out This Quick Detailed Overview, Women And Men And What You Can Do Really,

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Paper and pen, computer anywhere you can take notes, maybe if this is happening too you a chronological journal. A phone book or internet to look up phone numbers.

Working in this type of environment is absolutely horrible. There are laws for this, however, to really be able to have these laws enforced, proof is needed or the employer get’ s the benefit of the doubt. Amazing, isn’t it! This happens it happened to me, and I wish I would of known more at the time because I could of won. I did however get unemployment under what is called Constructive Termination, which is, you had to resign for legitimate reasons. The actual employment/work laws will go into more detail, look it up in a law library, or at a legal site for your research to help you. You must first realize what is happening to you and define it, it could be hostility and/or direct sexual harassment (could be barely noticeable but there never the less, it is all uncomfortable and upsetting.)

Ok, so something bad is going on, keep your cool and get organized. If there is porn going on in the office, either a picture passed around or on the computer, play it cute, tell the person who has it you want to take their picture or just do it on a suprise even better, evidence, keep any and all things written to you, in some state’s you can tape a person, but make sure you have them acknowledge who they are or it’s not of any use.

Document everything, in a daily journal with dates, times, names and events. Try to have someone present during these times for a witness, I must tell you a lot of people will not do this, and more than one is better for your case. In the mean time talk to the highest person on the totem pole, if it is that person, call the Dept. of Fair Housing and Unemployment to get help, first, could be another name in your state but there is a state office for employment disputes and law protection. So, if you can go to the top person at your job tell them everything, don’t hand over anything original, make copies, if you don’t get help, then go to the state employment office.

You may need to talk to an attorney and/or a doctor for the stress. The state should be able to help you, financial compensation as well can be issued, you may end up leaving your job. You must stand up for yourself you’ll be happier in the end and help others who may be after you or now working at the business. There are repercussions for these actions against the violating law employers.

Tips & Warnings

* This is a serious matter, and everything we do set’s a precedence for the future and present job industries, your children, friends, relatives and people you may or may not ever know, so be honest, sure, don’t feel you must agree or say nothing to keep your job or fit in. In the long run it is just not worth giving up your values and morals. I believe there are more good companies to work for then bad, never the less, this happens everyday to someone.

* Consult anyone professional if need be to help you, I am not an attorney, I just have had the experience, unfortunately.


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