How to Attract You to Yourself, then Attract the Men, Advice and Beauty Tips.

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We all have desires and want to have them someday. So, whether you met someone or not doesn’t change your dreams. Yet we don’t usually get those desires. Question is why do women not get their desires? Number One Reason-men! We get side tracked and think because we have “him” we have a life. How can we stop this?

Your job, your money and your future. Your job, your money and your future. Go to some type of school so you can make a living for yourself alone or if your already employed go for the career mode with your job. The idea here is this; he is not going to fix or achieve your money needs, desires or wants, oh sure, there maybe that one in a million type but I’m talking about your average guy.

A simple dress with high heeled shoes is sexy and femine. A simple dress with high heeled shoes is sexy and femine. Let’s face it with most men it’s about sex and looks. Not typical looks, but looks that attractive him in an individual way, such as; maybe he likes your eyes and laugh usually it’s a combo. Now that we understand our finances better, what about our looks, do you dress just for fashion or do we like fashions but will only wear what flatters our body? What to do about makeup? You want to look good and feel good, which, makes you happy.

Look at your body shape and try on different clothes to see what looks more flattering, big converse tennis shoes are for the park. Feminine clothes are best for women, period unless your not a heterosexual, we want to achieve the opposite of a guy. So, get a salesperson to help you with your clothes and get a neutral opinion. Get what you like and not just because it looks good on the rack or because your friends wear the clothes, the idea is to look desirable to yourself as well as others, if you have doubts-don’t buy or wear it.

Hair-Just because most guys like long hair doesn’t mean it can be achieved with a beautiful desire, long hair is hard to maintain and to keep looking neat and healthy. I say whatever looks best on you, a nice cut with a feminine look should be good enough, however,take care of frizz it is really ugly.(see my other article on frizz.) Your hair should look great and if the length of your hair is most important to him then lose him, it’s to superficial.
Highlights, of course add an additional focal point to your hair.

FYI-Get your hair cut at a place that strictly cuts hair, salons that perform other service are usually higher in price.

Shape those eye brow they do help out line the face Shape those eye brow they do help out line the face Your Eyes- Look it over do your eyebrows have a nice shape if not fix them. Just take a eyebrow pencil and shape your eyebrow to what shape you desire then tweeze them or it’s much easier to shave them into the shape you want and then tweeze them the next time. Wear some mascara as well to attract him to your eyes.

A little makeup wearing is always a plus, why because you never know who you may meet or go in a moments notice. Along with your minimum eye care wear a light foundation and some tinted lip gloss at the very least everyday. Check out Bare Minerals, it is great for your looks and face plus you can even sleep with it on.

Feet always ready for any ocassion Feet always ready for any ocassion Hands and feet- If you can’t afford to go to a salon for your hands and feet then do it yourself at home manicure and pedicure are worth doing. Men do notice this and callus hands and rough feet are just plain gross. Keep them both polished and soft. Soak your feet in the sink or a large tupper wear container add some vitamin enriched foot solutions and exfoliate them add a cream/lotion made just for feet.

Scent- Wear a light smelling perfume, cologne or body mist, men do like clean, sweet smelling women and it does affect him and want him to stay close to you physically.

Teeth- Go to the dentist, period. Keep up your teeth the best you can look, a nice smile can attract many people such as; men, employers, clients and customers. Crest Whitening works very well. Also, keep your breath in check as well. Smoking is a big turn off to a non-smoker so you better have some Altoids handy at all times, they are powerful. No one likes to talk to or kiss someone with horrible breath.

Do Good- In the mean time while waiting for the so called Mr. right (all are far from perfect, believe me.) keep busy, independent, friendly, confident, and yet allusive with the men. Men are not perfect, don’t feel you have to be either no matter what they say.

Not Bad-By being boyish (competing with his masculinity), desperate, clingy, motherly (controlling) or codependent, none of these are attractive.


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