How to make a healthy dessert?

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Are you fond of desserts? Well, me too. Dessert has become the most sought after part of the meal, if not all, for many of us, especially the kids. Now, how can you make a delicious dessert, yet a healthy one? If you’re a mom, this is probably the question boggling your brains out. Of course, you want to give the best nutrition to your kids. And we all know that as kids know what they want, they become very picky on food. I even know somebody that sometimes puts ice cream or cake on every spoonful of food so that her two-year old son would eat the meal, especially when the viand’s not his favorite. Here’s a tip, try to innovate by putting an additional ingredient to your dessert, veggies! For some, this idea would seem ridiculous. Indeed, veggies are not very inviting, especially when it comes to kids! But, actually, some of these vegetable desserts I’m talking about don’t taste bad at all! You can barely taste the veggies, and for some, not even a hint! If your kid hates eating veggies, don’t tell him or her first that you added veggies on it. And when he or she loved the dessert you made, that’s the time to tell them about it. Plus, in this way, they may realize that there’s nothing to hate about veggies and would then start to love it. Well, let’s just hope in good faith on that part. Here are some examples of conventional desserts added with veggies: carrot cake, squash maja, squash flan, etc.


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