Save money on greeting cards!

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Go to your local discount/dollar store. Their greetings cards are 2 for $1.00, and they have all the same types as greeting card stores, just a little less flashy.

To enhance the appearance of the greeting card that might otherwise be blah simple figure out a way to enhance the card. For example, if there is a birthday cake with candles on the front you can put a little glue on the flames and sprinkle yellow or gold glitter on the glue..the glue dries clear and leaves a pretty flickering effect on the candles. The same can be done with flowers, or any image on the front of the card you’d like to enhance. Basically, use glitter that corresponds to the item you’re enhancing. Want to make roses more beautiful? put glue on the tips of the roses and sprinkle red glitter…or white if you want it to have a dewey effect.

After you’re sufficiently glittered up allow your card to dry well. You will know it is dry when you can no longer see the glue. I like to put it in front of a fan to speed up the process. Now you have a gorgeous card that shows you put in some effort, and rather than spending 5 dollars on the card, then the stamp…you’ve spent less than 1.00 on the card AND stamp! HAPPY GLITTERING!


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