Saving tons of money on makeup!

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Makeup in extremely important for most women.  They won’t leave home without it.  So if you consider that you’re using all these products on a daily basis for most of your adult life then the cost really adds up. There are stores where you can purchase your makeup for a significantly reduced rate such as discount stores, or dollar stores. The most important thing to remember is that certain things you can NOT penny pinch on.  For most people they would prefer looking better to saving a couple dollars on a product. 

Blush, eyeliner, bronzer, lip gloss, lipstick, nail polish, mouthwash, tooth paste, nail polish remover, q-tips, concealer, and eyeshadow are a few things that you can save tons of $$ on by purchasing them at a dollar or discount store.

You really shouldn’t scrimp on foundation, powder, or mascara. These are the only real makeup items that are visibly cheap looking if they are low quality. They cover your entire face and if the consistency if chunky or cheap looking its not going to matter how nice the rest of your make up looks because it will give a bad apperance of your actual skin.  This doesn’t mean you have to go to the clinique counter. Walmart, target, or drug stores (more expensive than walmart) are a few options for purchasing these items. By following these steps you can reduce the cost of your makeup purchase at least 20 dollars if not more!


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