Do your own acrylic nails for under $1.00

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1First go to the drug store and go to the nail section. There are a million to choose from. They come in packs of 100 nails normally. The won’t all plan on being able to use 50 of them. You can always share the extra acrylic nails with a friend. I like the ones that look more natural…but you might like the longer more obviously acrylic look. Because they are so cheap, you can experiment with all different looks. They even have prepainted, french manicured, bejeweled, or clear.

Next..sit down and fit 10 nails to your own nails by laying them flat on your nail. Line them up in order. holding the end, not the base of the nail…paint a coat on the nails…set them aside to dry. Repeat after 15 minutes. This is possibly the best feature of doing your own acrylic nails…smudging nail polish is almost unavoidable if you are just sitting still waiting for it to set on your nails. THEN cut them short so that they’re roughly the length you want. Keep them lined up in order.
Put a couple drops of super glue on the nail…and then quickly attach the nail. Make sure its pressed flat and straight…hold it down for about 30 seconds. Repeat this step for both hands. Give them about 5 minutes to set….then file. You gave yourself beautiful nails, didnt have to worry about smudging…and it cost less than a couple dollars! Congratulations!


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