Get what you want from a telephone customer service agent

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You should have the bill, receipt, payment confirmation, reservation confirmation, or any other paperwork that contains account numbers or any refernce ID’s that may be helpful to pinpoint your specific issue when you finally reach a customer service agent. You should also open a blank Microsoft Word Document (notepad or any other word processing program will work just as well) or if you prefer a pen and paper…to keep notes on the phone so you dont forget anything you are told during the phone call.

Politely greet the agent. Do not have a short tone in your voice. Do not act as if this agent is the one who wronged you. Outline the problem for them, and then explain the desired outcome you’d like to see happen. Use the words “please,” “thank you,” and a positive tone throughout the entire call. (I have had many experiences where an agent was rotten at the beginning of the call…but with a little kindness their whole attitude turned around by the end).
These agents experience rude people ALL DAY LONG. There is something about the anonymity of being a customer service agent on the phone or the computer that allows people to get all their nastiness out without feeling as bad as if they were in person. This is not going to get you anywhere. If you keep thinking about how the person you are speaking to is so rude they don’t deserve your politeness…just think about how you’re only doing it to achieve the desired result. That will make sucking it up and being nice a little easier in times when you normally want to scream every obscentiy in the universe. At the end of this call you should have achieved what you want…if not…call again and get a different agent. Customer service has more power to help you than they’d like you to believe. So dont give up!


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