Scams Protect Yourself, Money, Money, What You do is Not Funny

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Things You’ll Need:

* Pen and paper for handy notes, your computer for some research.

ALUMINUM CANS, plastic and glass bottles, copper or anything else that you can collect-Get cash for them we all know this, so we go to a recycle center to cash in and … Beware! A lot of these places rip you off if you don’t catch them, how is that you say? The weight mainly, a lot of times they have you go away from the scale so you can’t see them cut off some pounds. They could say can you move your car out of the way, or over there to park. They weigh it when your busy, yes, makes sense. Another way I’ve had experienced is that when you bring in multiple types of material, they take copper to one place aluminum to another, again, you can’t see the weight of it. How do you get around this?
DO THIS: Weigh each of them yourself or if not try to guess when they ask you to move tell them “ok, I’ll walk my stuff over to you then you can weigh it, tell them you want to be there when it’s weighed or bring someone with you if there is too much. Get how much is paid on every metal, clean and not clean, some of those guys are fast talkers, let me tell you! If they don’t cooperate take it somewhere else and call the BBA, consumer fraud, or whatever place is applicable, give the name, address, date, incident and name of the service person, I’m sure someone will look into it, call the newspapers give them something to investigate and report on.
*FREE STUFF AND FREE TRIALS-(garbage)- such get a free bottle of this or that, it does happen ect…, oh, this sounds good right, of course, shipping goes without saying but this con of getting free stuff only if you do a 30 or 60 day trial, that you can cancel at anytime, this is forcing you to commit somewhat, then you have to hassle to cancel, or how about this, they hope you forget and they’ll get at least one month paid out of you. Free can cost you if you don’t watch it.
The one that I love is the CREDIT CHECK, lol, ok, so you want to know your score, it’s free right, with a trial, there it is again! Tell me who needs to know their personal credit every month? For a business, I say ok, you could use it but otherwise-NO! Find another way, I don’t know, try to buy something ask to see a copy of the report by whomever your trying to buy from.
SURVEYS-Get paid, free tv or lap-top computer, just fill out this survey with our sponsors, nada, yada, yada. They somehow forget to tell you about, you have to try or buy from a sponsor, this is time consuming and so annoying, don’t even try it, with most survey’ s this deal for free things is such a fraud and truly NOT FREE!
COUPONS-they can be good but what about the buy 2 or 3 and get ex amount off, what if I only want coupon for one of this item at a time! It’s not a deal if you have a limited income each month or on a budget. I say to contact the companies and say or write on line, “can I get a coupon just on one?” That’s like force buying and just not right.
RETURNING MERCHANDISE to a store-before you could go in with the packaging and item even with a tag on it, very few places will except this, for store credit, not anymore, they want the receipt. If you can’t keep track of your receipt there is help now. Pay for your items with your debit check or visa/master cards. Most stores can pull this information right on their computers, keep in mind however, the approximate time period you bought your stuff. Get your refund.
REBATES-Most of the time they work, let me tell you about another one of my happy experiences, I bought a refrigerator from a big company first initial is (S) I hate a choice of getting it delivered free or receiving a $85.00 rebate, they told me to send the receipt with there paper work and address, and guess what they told me there was something wrong with it and gave me a short period of time to send it in again, yet, they didn’t tell me what was wrong in the first place! Needless to say I couldn’t find the receipt, they didn’t give me there envelope to send it in, so, I’m sure you can guess where I’m going with this, yep, no rebate!
This is such a crock, so how do you prove that there was nothing wrong, well, you can’t, not in time anyway. I’m sure calling them would work, here’s a scenario “hello, is this the rebate dept.”? (S)”Yes, it is.” Hi, my name is so and so and I bought this refrigerator (description) and I was sent a letter saying there was something wrong with the mailing of my rebate, can you tell me what it was?” (S)A no mam we don’t keep that information on file.” Resonably they don’t do that, it’s a rip off never the less! Next time I’ll take the delivery, however, I won’t be buying any large appliances from them again, it will be somewhere else. All I can say is you can learn from this, I sure did.
Tips & Warnings

* Some people know some of these things and some don’t already, I hope this helps you. I learned the hard way with some of these. We are a sleep at the wheel and they know it!
* Keep your cool, because these things can upset you, stress you and just plain tick you off! This is not healthy.


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