Get a Free 60 Minutes of Air Time on Your New Virgin Mobile Phone

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    Get a free 60 minutes of air time when activating a new Virgin Mobile phone. You will need to activate online at to receive your free 60 minutes of air time. Buy a Virgin Mobile phone at many stores including Walmart, Kmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. or at The phones start at $9.99. I would suggest the TNT. It sells for $14.99 at Walmart. Other phones with more features are available at higher prices but for the budget-minded you cannot go wrong with the TNT.

     See my article on Bukisa entitled “How to Have a Cell Phone for About $5 a Month” for some ideas about which Virgin Mobile plan to sign up for. There is a link to it below under Resources. When activating your new Virgin Mobile phone online at just enter this code in the Kickbacks Code box: WTspYnQL. Enter it exactly as shown and you will get 60 minutes in free air time as soon as you top-up with at least $20.  Once you have your account set up sign up for your own kickbacks code and also for Sugar Mama to earn more free minutes.      Virgin Mobile gives you quality cell phone service at a very low price if you are a light user.  They also have monthly plans including unlimited calling for $49.99 a month.  All Virgin Mobile plans come with no contracts, no roaming charges and no long distance charges.  Virgin Mobile uses the Sprint Network so call quality is good.  You can check it out at


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