Make homemade candles with previously burned wax tarts and wax melts!

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Decide what shape cake pan you’d like to use to make your candle. The easiest type is a small round cake pan. But…the wax will fill any shape it is put into. Place this cake pan in your kitchen where it is easily accesible. As you use tarts and they lose their scent, then put them in the cake pan…do this for a couple weeks until you have enough wax tarts to melt into the size candle you’d like. It all depends on how often you burn tarts.

Then if you are using a wick from a craft store you must then put the cake pan on the burner of the stove and put it on very low. The wax will melt slowly and allow you to put the wick in the center. The wax will then slowly harder again after you turn off the oven. That is one way to make the candle.

Another way to put a wick in the candle is to purchase a cheap pillar candle (from the dollar store) and as youre warming the tarts you placed in the pan…place the pillar candle in the center. It will act as your wick. Thats it!  It is very important to be careful when doing this.  It may be tempting to melt each tart you add by warming up the candle on the burner..but you’re going to have more of a chance of getting burned if you do this regularly.  Its the easiest and simplest way to just store the old tarts in the pan and only heat them up the one time you are ready to completely make the candle.  Happy crafting!


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